steel cupboard with glass doors HDW-B04


( H × W × D) MM




Steel cupboard with glass doors can be widely used in a variety of office, industrial, commercial, educational and residential settings. They are commonly used to store items to help create organized, efficient, and safe work areas. This series typically consist of a frame with three walls that support adjustable or fixed-position shelves, double doors and handles. Key lock ensure the security of internal things. Some items have drawers and glass doors to create more space and convenience for storage. Besides, a wide selection of color, design, size and the thickness of material can be appointed according to your requirements. Both OEM and ODM are available in Luoyang Huadu Furniture Group Co.,Ltd., your logo can be put on it.

  • Front frame knocked down structure
  • Reinforced shelves with three edge folds
  • The shelves inside are fastened and adjustable
  • Aluminum alloy handle, free replacement
  • Two keys are included for each lock
  • Capacity for load 50KG each shelf
  • Automatic electrostatic spray ensure the firmness and durableness of the coating
  • Cabinet with instructions are packed in a single package
  • Thickened float glass with high quality
High-class patented mechanical locks and flexible door opening. The steel lock cylinders are durable and tough, and the steel keys can not be open to each other for high security. Built-in adjustable baffle The height can be adjusted as per user demand. The cabinet feet are stamped and molded by reinforced steel plate. Each baffle is reinforced with three-fold reinforcing ribs and reinforcing belt. Strong load capacity and can store a large number of documents. Door shaft and anti-collision device. The plastic anti-collision sleeve is added on the round galvanized iron with a diameter of 0.8, so that the door can be opened silently. Humanized design of anti-collision device can extend the service life of the product and reduce the noise when closing.
The full-extension three-section steel rails ensure smooth operation. The damper devices prevent accidental detachment for high stability. Premium float glass of an entire body, good transparency, inlaid installations ensure good stability. Premium Aluminum alloy clasp hand is more durable than the traditional ABS ones, sturdy and wear resistant, no color fading;

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Product Size ( H x W x D) mm

1800 x 900 x 390

Product Name

steel cupboard with glass doors

Item No



Cold rolled steel


Light Grey OR More



Powder Finish


If Including Glass


Key Type

Key Lock



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